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Political + Public Affairs Consulting

We reach the right people, with the right message,
in the right place, at the right time.

The Art + Science of Politics

The Donner Group is a full-service political and public affairs consulting firm in Miami with vast experience working on wildly competitive elections and public affairs/lobbying campaigns.

We blend art and science to craft and execute all aspects of a modern, winning political or public affairs campaign.

At the Donner Group, we always:

  • Take into account the unique and often subtle characteristics of every campaign or public affairs project.

  • Remember that it's the client's good name, money and reputation that's on the line.

  • Remain focused and disciplined, because that’s the key to victory.

Keith Donner, a former journalist in South Florida, founded the firm in 1994. Since then, has been involved in more than 200 elections, and dozens of public affairs and lobbying campaigns in Florida and around the country.


Keith Donner

Founder + Principal

The nation’s political elite honored our work with 20 Pollie® Awards and two Reed® Awards for creative and strategic excellence in both English and Spanish.

We Provide Everything Needed for Victory

political + campaign consulting

We provide one-stop, comprehensive political and campaign consulting services for candidates, interest/trade groups and other third parties. We craft and execute modern, winning strategic campaign plans that include every component needed for victory.

advanced Data analytics

We use advanced analytical techniques for more effective messaging and targeting. With advanced statistical techniques, our clients receive valuable guidance on the most cost-effective ways to reach the right voters, public officials and opinion leaders with the right message.

public affairs + issue management

We craft and execute public affairs campaigns to manage public opinion and secure the support needed to advance our clients’ agendas. Our proprietary list of “305 Ubers” — critical opinion and thought leaders in the Miami area —gives our clients a competitive, cost-effective advantage.

government relations + Lobbying

We provide government advocacy and business development services to clients with procurement, land use, public policy and regulatory issues. Our credibility with public officials allows our clients to get more of what they want, and to get it faster.

multilingual political Advertising

We offer a full array of multilingual advertising services for political and public affairs campaigns. We produce everything from digital to direct mail to radio. Our particular expertise is conducting high-impact, hard-hitting campaigns that cut through the fog of political war.

independent expenditures + Pac management

We specialize in conducting independent expenditure campaigns for third parties. We set up and manage PACs and other soft-money entities so our clients can legally conduct electioneering activities in federal, state and local races in Florida.

We set agendas and change conversations.

We’d Love to Hear From You

Every client has a story to tell. We’d love to hear yours to evaluate how we can convey it to voters, public officials and opinion leaders.

If we can’t help, we will suggest other political professionals who can. We know Miami, we know Florida — and its players.

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